Lunge Variations — Cre8 Fitness | London Personal Trainer

It’s time to step away from training your “mirror muscles.”

You know a carved core, beefed-up back, and amped-up arms are going to make you look good in a T-shirt, but you’re missing out on some huge gains by solely training muscles from the waist up. The solution is simple: Add these lunge variations into your workout regimen. Aside from filling out those chicken legs of yours, lunges will make you a better athlete.

“Training your glutes will give you more speed and explosive power,” says Simon King, a personal trainer and the owner of Cre8 Fitness in London. All in all, unilateral exercises are a great way to improve flexibility and balance. And, King adds, “Compound exercises like lunges elicit a huge metabolism response, meaning you burn [a ton of] calories.”

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