Colgate university grapples with gastrointestinal outbreak as norovirus afflicts students, prompting swift health measures

Colgate university grapples with gastrointestinal outbreak
Colgate university grapples with gastrointestinal outbreak

United States: The risk of ‘gastrointestinal illness’ has been heightened across the United States. Several reports have suggested that the disease has become quite common among the younger population of the nation.

Recently, the reports shared by the Madison County Public Health Department outlined that gastrointestinal illness is increasing at Colgate University. The announcement has been made after more than 15 students were tested against the norovirus infection. As per the official reports, all students showed symptoms of gastrointestinal illness.

According to the health officials, out of the total, two students have tested positive for norovirus, which is also known as a stomach bug. Both the students were complaining about diarrhea and vomiting – which are the most common symptoms of the disease, the reports by CNY Central claimed.

What steps have been taken by the management after two confirmed cases?

The management and authorities of Colgate University have ordered the sanitizing of the campus. In addition to this, another 54 people underwent the testing against norovirus as they were also complaining about the symptoms.

According to the health authorities, the suspected cases are both students and people working as well as living in Hamilton.

Norovirus and its spread in Colgate University

The health authorities have outlined that noroviruses are highly contagious and can easily spread from an infected person to a healthy person. According to the update by officials, there are speculations that the disease might have spread during the different social events that were organized on and off campus – one such event was held at the Colgate Inn on February 22, which saw a gathering of a huge chunk of students and people (working in the University).

Visual Representation for norovirus | Credits: NBC News

Further proceedings by health authorities!

The authorities of the University have been working along with Madison County Public Health to investigate the matter. The experts have been identifying the cases, interviewing, and providing education related to the disease so that the risk of infection can decrease, according to the reports by CNY Central.

In addition to this, health experts have also been giving extra attention to cleaning to stop the spread of the infection.

Following the upsurge that has been reported in the County, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also shared the important information. The federal health agency has further mentioned that outbreaks are commonly found in places that see a large gathering of people – such as colleges, schools, restaurants, nursing homes, daycare centers, hospitals, and cruise ships.

The spread of the gastrointestinal illness has been witnessed in Madison County since late January. The majority of the cases are found in schools and hospital emergency rooms, according to the local health authorities.