The families that are victims of the tainted steroid case see the end of legal process with hope for peace and justice but keep demanding stronger safety and control of pharmaceutical products.

The research reveals the desperate requirement of evidence-based plans to lessen the pets' role in the increase of antibiotic resistance in people.

While the regulatory authorities are taking proactive measures, getting the reports in the support their safety, patients can rely on the ongoing surveillance of the performance overall.

The demand for smoke-free policies in casinos prevents the threat to public health as well as the regulation while addressing the issues in the industry.

The research highlights the critical importance of conducting forthcoming studies and offering appropriate interventions about the connection between the shortening of the lifespan and the increased cancer incidence among the youth.

The results show that supervised exercise may be one of the needed activities meant to support long term COVID patients after the previously issued warnings of avoiding difficult physical activity.

Biden and Sanders illustrate the improvement of healthcare affordability, suggesting the importance of continuing this trend by making healthcare benefits available to a greater number of people.

The resolution specifically highlights the importance of knowledgeable consent so as to sustain patient autonomy and trust in medical treatment.

Wyoming Governor faces two sides of the territory with a veto of abortion bill and proclamation on gender-affirming care restrictions, engendering court cases and ethical arguments.

Surgical nerve decompressing shows the way of great relief in diabetic neuropathy patients, as recent reports suggest.